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Originally published in 1985, Akira Volume 2, subtitled “Akira I”, is the second collected-issues of AKIRA manga series. Written and illustrated by one of Japan’s best mangaka (manga writers and artists), Katsuhiro Otomo, this graphic novel continues the thrilling brilliant story of the series. The English version of this volume was first released by Epic Comics and later by Dark Horse Comics.

Picking up the explosive events in the first volume, Akira Volume 2 starts with Kaneda, Kei, and Tetsuo are brought into the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces), obviously for different reasons. Tetsuo, now also called Number 41, is receiving treatment and being monitored closely by under the order of the Colonel.

The other Espers (individuals with psychic abilities) who are “kept” by the military are felt threatened by the possibility of Tetsuo’s power. They believe Tetsuo will be stronger than them, and even stronger than the terrifying Akira. So, they conduct a plan to stop Tetsuo’s power.

While being imprisoned separately from Kaneda, Kei suddenly performs psychic abilities. She escapes from the guards and attempts to kill Tetsuo. Amid all the chaos in the JSDF base, Kei reunites with Kaneda and both of them try to pursue Tetsuo, who has learned Akira’s whereabouts and wants to face him.

Dark Horse Comics’ Preview of Akira Volume 2 Manga Graphic Novel

In the year 2030, the dazzling Neo-Tokyo has risen from Tokyo’s ashes, but the power that once levelled Tokyo and sent the world to the brink of Armageddon—a being of monstrous telekinetic power known only as Akira—lives on in absolute-zero frozen stasis far below the city. Those who stand guard will stop at nothing to keep Akira from awakening, but Tetsuo, an angry young man with immense—and rapidly growing—psychic abilities becomes obsessed with confronting Akira face-to-face. In time, Akira will surely awaken, and Tetsuo may be the only being potentially capable of controlling him, but Tetsuo is becoming increasingly unstable and violent, and a group including his former friend Kaneda sets out to destroy Tetsuo before he can release Akira—or before Tetsuo himself becomes so powerful that no force on Earth can stop him!

Review of Akira Volume 2: Akira I

You just cannot put this book down. Akira’s second volume is pure, non-stop action from start to end. I love how Katsuhiro Otomo brings in all the characters and play their part without making the reading experience overcrowded. Even without the film as a reference, this book is oozing with cinematic appeal. (by Jedi JC Daquis,

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