Alphabetical List of Titles

  1. 300 (by Frank Miller)
  1. A Christmas Carol (by Stephen L. Stern, Douglas A. Sirois)
  2. A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories (by Will Eisner)
  3. Akira 1: Tetsuo (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  4. Akira 2: Akira Pt. I (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  5. Akira 3: Akira Pt. II (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  6. Akira 4: Kei Pt. I (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  7. Akira 5: Kei Pt. II (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  8. Akira 6: Kaneda (by Katsuhiro Otomo)
  9. American Born Chinese (by Gene Luen Yang)
  10. Amulet 1: The Stonekeeper (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  11. Amulet 2: The Stonekeeper’s Curse (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  12. Amulet 3: The Cloud Searchers (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  13. Amulet 4: The Last Council (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  14. Amulet 5: Prince Of The Elves (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  15. Amulet 6: Escape from Lucien (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  16. Amulet 7: Firelight (by Kazu Kibuishi)
  17. Anya’s Ghost (by Vera Brosgol)
  18. Are You My Mother? (by Alison Bechdel)
  19. [The] Art of Sin City (by Frank Miller)
  1. Beautiful Darknes (by Vehlmann, Kerascoët)
  2. Blankets (by Craig Thompson)
  3. Bone 1: Out from Boneville (by Jeff Smith)
  4. Bone 2: The Great Cow Race (by Jeff Smith)
  5. Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm (by Jeff Smith)
  6. Bone 4: The Dragonslayer (by Jeff Smith)
  7. Bone 5: Rock Jaw (by Jeff Smith)
  8. Bone 6: Old Man’s Cave (by Jeff Smith)
  9. Bone 7: Ghost Circles (by Jeff Smith)
  10. Bone 8: Treasure Hunter (by Jeff Smith)
  11. Bone 9: Crown of Horns (by Jeff Smith)
  1. Coraline (by Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell)
  1. Frankenstein (by Bernie Wrightson)
  2. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic (by Alison Bechdel)
  1. Good-bye, Chunky Rice (by Craig Thompson)
  1. Habibi (by Craig Thompson)
  1. I Kill Giants (by Joe Kelly, Jim Ken Niimura)
  1. Maus I – A Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History (by Art Spiegelman)
  2. Maus II – A Survivor’s Tale: And Here My Troubles Began (by Art Spiegelman)
  1. Palestine (by Joe Sacco)
  2. Persepolis 1: The Story of A Childhood (by Marjane Satrapi)
  3. Persepolis 2: The Story of A Return (by Marjane Satrapi)
  4. Pluto (by Naoki Urasawa, Osamu Tezuka)
  5. Pride of Baghdad (by Brian K. Vaughan, Niko Henrichon)
  1. Sin City 1: The Hard Goodbye (by Frank Miller)
  2. Sin City Volume 2: A Dame to Kill For (by Frank Miller)
  3. Sin City Volume 3: The Big Fat Kill (by Frank Miller)
  4. Sin City Volume 4: That Yellow Bastard (by Frank Miller)
  5. Sin City Volume 5: Family Values (by Frank Miller)
  6. Sin City Volume 6: Booze, Broads, & Bullets (by Frank Miller)
  7. Sin City Volume 7: Hell and Back (by Frank Miller)
  8. Snoopy the Flying Ace (by Charles M. Schulz)
  9. Snoopy the Great Entertainer (by Charles M. Schulz)
  1. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (by Scott McCloud)