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Pride of Baghdad Read Online. An Award-Winning Graphic Novel by Brian K Vaughan and Niko Henrichon

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Pride of Baghdad is an amazing award-winning graphic novel published by Vertigo in 2006. Based on a true event during American bombing on Iraq in 2003, Brian K. Vaughan has written a brilliant and eye-opening story. That magnificent story was then illustrated masterfully by Niko Henrichon. Many acknowledged the brilliance of this graphic novel and it received widely positive reviews from readers and critics. In 2006, it won IGN award for best original graphic novel.

The story in Pride of Baghdad graphic novel focused around four African lions. These lions were the pride that had been living in Baghdad Zoo for years. Although memory of the wildlife still lingered in their mind, they had been used to the zoo, the food they got, the zoo-keepers, and the other animals around them. All in all, they lived a peaceful life.

One day, American military forces launched their airstrike during their invasion on Iraq. Baghdad was blown to pieces and the zoo got destroyed. The metal bars around their cage collapsed and for the first time in years, the four lions then wandered into ruined city of Baghdad.

Previously kept behind bars, the lions finally got their freedom. However, this came with a price. This newly found freedom led them into a journey into a chaotic world, a world that demanded the best of their survival ability.

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