Read Fun Home – Chapter 7, Page 1

Page 1 of Chapter 7 (The Antihero’s Journey). Read Fun Home graphic novel online. The final chapter of Alison Bechdel’s bestselling and award-winning graphic novel. The book pictures Bechdel’s complicated relation with her father and their homosexuality.

Read Chapter 7 (The Antihero’s Journey) from Alison Bechdel’s masterpiece graphic novel, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. It is the final chapter in the autobiographical, award-winning graphic novel that focuses on Alison’s earlier stages of life and her relationship with her father.

Throughout the previous chapters of Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, Bechdel chronicled how difficult it was for her and her father to bond with each other. There was nearly no emotional relationship between them.

In Chapter 7: The Antihero’s Journey, Bechdel recollected there was something that became some kind of bridge between them. It was literature. The moment she started reading, more attention and appreciation toward her seemed to be growing inside him. It was also through literature that Bechdel learned more about her homosexuality. In the end, Alison somehow found some kind of reconciliation with her dad.

Page 1 of chapter 7 (the antihero's journey) from fun home: a family tragicomic graphic novel by alison bechdel